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Here on this website, you can learn more about the unique art and business of Jack Anderson.  Jack Anderson is a master craftsman and an artist known in the Southeast, United States.   He has had a long career in building completely custom homes, and he still takes some selected jobs in remodeling, custom carpentry, and HISTORIC RENOVATIONS.

Jack has been been working with wood his whole life and he has been making some very unique works of art.  Some are giant dovetailed trunks and coffee tables made from some of the coolest slabs of wood you could find, including the 2nd biggest pine in the state of Georgia, as it was flooded and dying, Jack dismantled it with a large chainsaw and jig 30 years ago.  Much of his art is made from this wood, as it has been slow drying and is very stable working with.  Jack uses other exotic woods from the Southeast, .   Jack is an innovator in making artwork out of the very difficult to work with “FAT LIGHTER“.

Please take the time to browse the website to see PHOTOS of portfolio samples or read more about Jack’s art or services.  If you wanna get some of his artwork, give him a call to see what is currently available or what is in the works right now. Jack is open to unique projects and or making a artwork to order as well.
CONTACT Jack on his mobile: 404-310-4724

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